Hoe is jouw passie voor dansen ontstaan?

I was sixteen when I started dancing Bachata. Later, I got in touch with salsa. I still love to dance both styles every day.


Hoe ben je bij Union terecht gekomen en wat vind je zo fijn aan deze dansschool?

I came to a party at Union and I immediately liked it. A few weeks later, I started teaching.

I really like the socials and all the people.


Wat vind je belangrijk in je lessen en wat typeert jou als dansdocent?

To have fun and be dynamic. I also pay a lot of attention to the leading, because that is very important in dance.

Wat is je favoriete liedje om op te dansen?

El uno ahora – Mayimbe


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Noem jouw favoriete dansquote

  • ‘’Shine, shine, shine’’.



  • I’m a motor rider
  • I’m from Ecuador ( but I can speak Dutch as well)
  • I teach Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba

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