Union Salsa Closed Due to Corona

Dear dancers,

The past few days we’ve had extensive discussions with various relevant authorities and our entire Union team about which counter measures to take concerning the COVID-19 epidemic/pandemic. This past Thursday we were already forced to make the first quick decision to cancel our extensive social events. Extra hygiene measurements were already taken in the beginning of this week. For all other actions we didn’t need as much time and meetings to come to a most fundamental decision.

We are a dance studio with huge responsibilities towards both our students and our extensive team, consisting of over 50 employees that are dependent (more or less) on their working hours here at Union. Hasty decisions could result in enormous irreversible consequences, therefor it is important to work as carefully as possible. In the end we found a suitable solution.

In order to help contain to the spread of the Covid-19 virus through the dance school, we have decided to suspend all activities starting Monday March 16 until at least April 6. In order to continue to provide everyone with enjoyable dance moments and growth, we are going to offer online dance classes! Both for solo and partner work (for those of you that have a permanent dance partner at home). This way we can also continue to provide our teachers, who depend on the classes, with an income. And ensure that even after this crisis there is still a dance school for you all with enough teachers and other employees.

We hope you are willing and able to support us in this initiative and continue to dance at home. We have just finished our program and will start the recordings immediately. The first videos will be online this coming Wednesday.

Of course we will inform you ASAP about all the details of what to expect and how to participate.

We hope to see you all soon in good health!

Lots of love,
Cenydd & Stephanie
Union Salsa

NEW: Online Dance Classes

With Personal Feedback and instruction

Despite all the COVID-19-measurements we’ve found a way to keep you all from losing the dance practice hours by sitting at home for the next coming month (or longer). Whether you’re alone or together with a dance partner, whether you’re beginner or advanced, we will offer 12 different online video classes – twice a week. Besides that, the Union Teacher Team will be there for you via live video chat to answer all of your questions and give you personal feedback. Just like a regular dance class, but from your own home!

Video training with Personal Feedback
The online classes will be taught using detailed video’s. Every class will last for about 40 minutes. Our Union Teachers will help you work through fun combinations, styling or special techniques, step by step. With clear examples and carefully selected music you will be able to practice all the moves at home. Every video will be available online for 4 days, this way you can take the class whenever it suits you best. We will also offer you extra service in the way of online live video chats with your Union Teachers to share your questions with. Also by sending us video’s of your own practice we can give you personal feedback to help you grow.

Program Salsa Partner work
✔ Salsa Beginners
✔ Salsa Intermediate
✔ Salsa AdvancedProgram Salsa Footwork
✔ Salsa Footwork Level 1
✔ Salsa Footwork Level 2
Program Bachata Partner work
✔ Bachata Beginners
✔ Bachata Intermediate
✔ Bachata AdvancedProgram Bachata Footwork
✔ Bachata Footwork Level 1
✔ Bachata Footwork Level 2
Extra Online Classes
✔ Salsa Technique (Solo)
✔ Salsa Musicality (Solo)Register for Online Classes >

Would you like to follow our online video classes? You can! Very cheap, I might add. We will ask just €3,- per online class! Do you want the opportunity to follow all of the classes listed above? Also possible for just €49,- in total (instead of €120,-).

Ongoing Courses

Of course there are still many ongoing courses. These series of lessons are paused until it is deemed safe to dance again. Your class credit will therefore simply remain. Also, the catch-up period of 6 months will start from the moment we are open again. As soon as Union Salsa opens its’ doors again, you will of course be the first to know.


A different date is being sought for the Lady- & Man Styling bootcamp (and other bootcamps). If you have already registered, that registration will simply remain and you do not have to do it again. We will inform everyone as soon as there is a new date.